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Originally Posted by Bailey View Post
Unfortunately the practice you mention is pretty prevelant in regards to Gtlds. The biggest service in the world 'Godaddy' have a similar catch in-place. And I know many others do also
If enough clients who have been scammed this way report this activity to Trading Standards (if the company is UK based), then maybe we will put a stop to this type of dishonest activity by them.

Technically, they are Cybersquatting on domains and using the silly term 'redemption', when domains should have been back on the open market. Not legal!

You state that it's "pretty prevelant", but that does not make it right or legal in the UK. are UK based, so should be subject to UK laws in the way they do business. US based company's may get away with it, but we should try and complain about the UK based ones here whenever anyone gets this type of problem as is seen with

I suggest going to to make a complaint for .com .org domains, and also complain to Trading standards about's Cybersquatting.
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