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2 Barack Obama Domain names on Ebay for sale

Discussion in 'Other Domain Names' started by domsale, Jan 5, 2008.

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    Barack Obama, called "The Black Kennedy" trounced his opponents in the nearly all-white state of Iowa. And he did so because, after spending months getting to know him, the people of Iowa stopped seeing his color and began to admire his character. In an election where the word "change" became an almost meaningless talisman, Iowa's triumph over race is a message to the world about the real nature of America — and a ratification of Obama's belief that this will be an election year where everything is on the table, where all the conventional wisdom can be tossed aside, where anything, including decency, is possible.

    Among the Democrats it is Obama, the Illinois senator bidding to become the first black president, who enters the primaries with momentum. He has performed strongly in the intimate politics of small states, echoing memories of John F. Kennedy. Obama is “The black Kennedy”.

    These two Barack Obama Domain names on Ebay for sale:

    Please make offer here:

    Good luck!
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