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Discussion in 'Domain Appraisals' started by mford, Nov 2, 2008.

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    (wasn't sure if this post should be for .uk only, apologies if this is the wrong place.)


    I have put together a new site. I would appreciate some feedback and ideas on what I could do next with it. Some background info follows along with the kind of feedback I am seeking. Your input would be most appreciated. is constantly reading, analysing and archiving feeds from various established news agencies. While there are many places on the net to read news, goes a little further by matching and tracking the history of each story. The drive behind this was to try and ensure that once a story breaks, it remains in the public domain.

    There are several reasons why a news item may be removed, the most likely is simply a consequence of not meeting readership targets. Another reasons might be something published in error (too early?) or something deemed to be inappropriate, for example, subject to legal action or subject to a D Notice. In all these cases, the underlying heuristic would be to swiftly remove the news item and hope it slips under the radar. With this in mind, displays news items from the past 24 hours which were live for less than one hour. also tracks stories as they are modified. For example, breaking news of a disaster will often produce fast changing information such as death tolls and time lines. Information such as names may be subsequently removed and words may be edited to express certain political views. Yes, spin is very much alive.

    My current thought is that there are two possible paths for this site to develop; mainstream or academic / research purposes. Of the two, I think I would prefer the later but I am open to your thoughts.

    For your feedback, it would be useful to see three things:

    1. Tell me two things *YOU* would want to see. In other words, the features that would make you come back to this site... not what you think others want.

    2. Suggest the possible uses for this site you think others could possibly want.

    3. A brief summary of the type of user you are; are you a writer? - are you politically motivated? - just something quick so we can see where you're coming from.

    Here are some obvious ideas but I'm not sure they would make this site any different to what is already out there. Whatever the goals, I would like that they can be broken into smallish chunks so that I can come back and continue this dialogue with you.

    + historic search

    + user submitted images

    + user comments

    + votes

    + trend analysis

    Thank you for your time and your input.
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