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9 websites + 8 Domain names consolidation-online com ++++

Discussion in 'Domain Portfolio Sales' started by simcornay, Feb 12, 2009.

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  1. simcornay

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    Sep 2006
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    Hi I'm selling 9 websites the stats can be seen here

    8 domain names here:

    You should assume there is no revenue stats for the sites as I don't keep records for different sites.

    Payment by PayPal only, buyer pays single Nominet fees for 2 names and, free push if you're with 123-reg, immeditate transfer.

    The other domains are with godaddy apart from

    these are with and can be pushed to another aplus account or left open to transfer to another host.

    This offer is posted on other forums and will be left open for about a week at max, so if someone is to make a decent offer from somewhere else i'll close this thread.

    I'm looking for at least £350, so please if making an offer, don't offer less than this. If you would like any more info then please either pm me or mail me at (simcornay at europe . com) for the fastest response.

    Many thanks
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