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a bit of a result

Discussion in 'SEO Search Engine Optimisation' started by killaclown, May 30, 2006.

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  1. killaclown

    killaclown Active Member

    Feb 2006
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    hi all,

    been working on web site

    some of you have probably all ready seen it. Any way got real good positions on for some well used keywords. range from spot 1 to spot 15

    the thing is im no where to be seen on google. any one have any ideas?

    also the site isnt finished yet. and am trying to put a script on the site to allow villas owners to place villas on my site ( for a small fee!) which i think is a good idea to get some money in.

    but the problem comes with, the hotel section and flight section. I have no idea how to generate income from these sections. the script will work fine in the villas section (when sorted!) but i cant find anything out there that can help in these sections?

    any ideas?

    cheers all,

    will keep you updated on google rankings, if i get within a thousand places!
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    Acorn Domains Elite Member

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  3. BFTUK

    BFTUK Active Member

    Jan 2006
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    Congratulations on your MSN results! You should be getting a trickle of traffic through them.

    MSN is my favourite search engine, its relatively easy to optimise for. Google is a much bigger nut to crack! I've had success with google but not on any major keywords like i have on MSN.

    I guess for the the flights and hotels section you'll be wanting a script that can parse affiliate feeds through. (Not sure how much this would cost though!)

    Can you get an affiliate data feed for villas aswell? Will give you a bit more content to start with.

    As for cracking Google, you'll want links and lots of them! Wikipedia links are great if you can get them (Try writing an article and adding a link from a suitable Wikipedia article direct to your article with suitable anchor text.
  4. Jeewhizz

    Jeewhizz Well-Known Member

    May 2006
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    What BFTUK said...

    MSN tend to place you higher for better SEO and the frequency of updated data.

    Google will want links from related sites with good anchor text :)

    One of my sites is top in MSN and almost non-existant on google, and another is pretty high on google, and non-existent on msn! :(
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