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A Wee Joke

Discussion in 'General Board' started by retired_member6, Jul 19, 2006.

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  1. retired_member6

    retired_member6 Banned

    Apr 2005
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    I can never recall jokes, just told a good mate this so enjoy the classic while I got it in mind:

    One of chubby's I believe...

    A man goes outside in the garden to sunbathe, naked. He falls asleep, wakes up hours later and he's burnt all over and his willy is sore like nothing before. So he goes into the kitchen, opens the fridge door and pulls out a bottle of milk, pours milk in dish and puts his willy in it...... his wife walks in and says "I wondered how you filled that up."

    Chubby says buy my domains you bassads.
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  3. bb99 United Kingdom

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    Mar 2005
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    Well it we're talking about jokes...

    A group of domainers recently went to a BBQ held by another domainer. The domainer holding the BBQ was infamously rumoured to have a gold toilet.

    Nobody mentioned it for a while but, once a few beers had been consumed and said domainer was busy dealing with the BBQ, one of the others went inside the house to go to the toilet.

    When the other domainer returned he had a beaming grin on his face... The other domainers clearly spotted it and asked what he found so amusing.

    "I've seen it..." he said, "I've done the business in it".

    "What?" said the domainers

    "The gold toilet" said the other domainer "I've just paid a visit - it's all true."

    At this point the domainer at he BBQ had overheard what had gone on - "You b*stard"

    "What?" said the other domainer

    "You've sh*t in my trumpet" said the BBQ domainer.

    Ha ha ha.
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