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    1998 wayback history

    Very popular term associated with computers,engineering,telecoms,security,alarms,ele ctronics etc etc

    There are hundreds of acronyms for ACE at Abbreviations and acronyms

    ACE Systems
    Advanced Computer Education Systems
    Adobe Certified Expert Systems
    Allegro Crypto Engine Systems
    Advanced Components Evaluation Systems
    Adaptive Content Exchange Systems
    Access Control Entry Systems
    Adaptive Communication Environment Systems
    ASCII Compatible Encoding Systems
    Advanced Computing Environment Systems
    Agent-based Computational Economics Systems
    Automatic Computing Engine Systems
    Automatic Content Extraction Systems
    Australian Computer Electronics Systems
    Australian Computer Society Systems
    Assured Computing Environment Systems
    Applied Chemical Engineering Systems
    Applied Control Engineering ystems
    Access Control Encryption Systems
    Advanced Contrast Enhancement Systems
    Adverse Channel Enhancement Systems
    Automated Correspondence Engine Systems
    Advanced Corporate Economics Systems
    Advanced Cost Estimating Systems
    Automated Commercial Environment Systems
    Area Code Exchange Systems

    Offers please
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