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Add a simple book search to your website - affiliate income

Discussion in 'Affiliate Marketing' started by woopwoop, May 17, 2009.

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    Hope that this is the right forum to talk about a book affiliate script for people's websites.

    Basically I'm encouraging websites to place the book search widget on their websites which does the following:

    1. Adds a great resource/function to allow you web users to search for books
    2. Creates an income stream from Amazon's associate program without you having to code or build any scripts yourself.

    The search widget looks like one of the folowing:


    You will need to register with Amazon's associate program and get an associate-id

    The book search widget page gives you php, html and iframe options for the code to put in your webpage. You add your associate-id in the highlighted part of the script (and can do other things like change the color, language, country within the script too)

    Once you've done this and put this small code in your website your visitors can then search for books and a window will pop up directing them to the results page on

    You will receive all the Amazon affiliate income from anyone who clicks on a 'buy' link on the results page. This is typically 4-8% of the book price.
    (also if they click 'buy' then add more books on the Amazon site, you will receive commission for all purchases)

    If the user clicks around the Student Books website and views the description of the books before clicking 'buy' then your associate tag wont be used and no affiliate income will be made.

    Please take a look.
    This tool can be customized for websites with users in The US, The UK, Canada, Japan, France and Germany.

    ^ Click on your country to view the book search widget code specifically for your country.

    Also take a look at London Student - look on the left to see the book search widget installed on another website. If you are the admin for a forum you could allow html in the forum signature (maybe for the admin user group only) and then the book search widget will be shown under each of your posts if you use the iframe version of this code. Increasing your potential affiliate income.

    See here for an example of this tool in action as a forum signature.

    It really takes the hassel out of you having to build a script yourself and can earn you up to 8% of the sale price of a book. I've even had people search for books and end up buying a vacuum clearer or cell phone for $400 earning affiliates 8% - $32 from one sale.

    The search box is quite discrete and the different colors allow you to find a perfect match for your own website.

    Any questions with installing the code or earning affiliate income off this tool, please let me know.
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