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An Expert's External Research

Discussion in 'Domain Name Disputes' started by retired_member6, Mar 4, 2006.

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    I've just been given word that an expert may or may not further research the case by going beyond the boundaries of what's detailed in the paperwork. So although the complainant hasn't referenced google results, an expert might?

    Now I don't mind the expert researching and following up routes to determine the case further however no expert could be that foolish to use a search engine research to help rule in favour of one party or another, could they?

    For instance, regarding SEO, being top of a search engine for the same terms as what was searched for, isnt a miracle and in the same instance it doesn't represent unregd TM or otherwise, it simply shows the webmaster has been fortunate enough or knows better how to employ SEO and most of us know uncompetitive results are easy to attain top in, compared to results that are competitive and that same search term domains work in your favour as well depending on the algorithms used at the time.

    All that apart, are there any more incidence of the expert following their own nose and not relying on just the evidence but instead other examples not listed? I am trying to cover all aspects - obviously.
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