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_co_uk and _org_uk - unfinished

Discussion in 'UK Websites For Sale' started by tiptop, Jun 3, 2009.

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    Oct 2008
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    Hi all

    I've got a few domains that I'm looking to unload as I've just not got the time. Two disclaimers, they are unfinished and would require some work to finish them so it would help if you know a bit of html at least. I realise this may put a few people off but here's what I've got....

    downthestreet .co .uk - A directory site built using phpMyDirectory script. I paid for 2 databases as I was going to concentrate on the area I live in. These databases are:

    Cumbria listsings - 17,000+
    Lancashire listings - 62,000+

    I've not uploaded them (obviously) but the script allows you to upload and populate the site so it could have around 80,000 business listings when uploaded.

    It has the option of a free listing which is surrounded by Adsense or a paid listing which you could set to whatever you like, I put £60/year.

    You can see on this page that I've designed it so a paid listing would include links back to a customers site, more text description etc. so someone would want to pay for premium membership - www. /Morecambe-Estate-Agents. html. Btw, this page is an example page and the content is for showing how it could look, if that makes sense.

    It's been SEO'd as well

    flatscreentvs .org .uk - This site is not finished but it would be easy to upload a few hundred tvs from a CSV provided by the likes of Affiilate Window or Tradedoubler, among a few. The site isn't indexed because I wasn't finished with it but once the products are uploaded then you can set the spiders loose. Also, the script I use to upload has the ability to post on certain days meaning if you upload 200 products but don't want Google to think you're automating, then set 50 to upload on Monday (as an example) 50 to upload on Wednesday, 20 to upload on Saturday, etc. etc. until all are uploaded. I find this helps the site index pretty quickly as it looks more natural.

    flatpaneltelevisions .org .uk - I simply uploaded the same theme (both are Wordpress btw) but obviously haven't tweaked it to reflect flatpaneltelevisions text.

    Anyway, if anyone is interested in any of these or to take them all as a package knowing they need a bit of work to complete then please contact me.

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