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Auction/auctions domain wanted

Discussion in 'Domain Name Wanted' started by n00b1, May 14, 2009.

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  1. n00b1

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    Jan 2009
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    I am looking for a nice little domain to replace an existing eBay affiliate domain I have. I currently have a website and have future development plans, so content isn't important. The following criteria should be considered:

    1) MUST contain word "auction" or "auctions"
    2) Should be generic- my website does not only link to car auctions, for example. If you have an exceptional auction domain under a specific niche please do not hesitate to send it too
    3) Words should be in a logical order and preferrably two words or fewer
    4) .com/.net/.org/ only
    5) PM only. If I don't reply, I am not interested. Thanks anyway :)

    Traffic and a decent page rank are not essential, however they are certainly a bonus, so mention them if they're there! Good exact matches on Google AdWords Keyword tool is also desirable. I am only looking to spend up to £60, unless you have a truly exceptional domain for which I may be willing to pay more.

    Thanks and look forward to seeing what you have!
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