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[B]China Domain names number increases sharply when China grows up[/B]

Discussion in 'Domain Name News' started by dnol, Jul 15, 2007.

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    China Domain names number increases sharply when China grows up
    A pair of strong earthquakes off the coast of Taiwan damaged at least six China undersea cables and disrupted telephone and Internet access in Asia at the end of year 2006. China website using TLD such as .com, .net .org ,.info, .biz are seriously influenced, most of USA websites cannot be visited, and China websites use .com or Servers in USA were down. These troubles lasted for about a month, MSN can not be used too then. China internet expert called on government to promote .CN, China CCTLD to protect national network security.
    Months later, we saw the news the China government required all sub-government use China domain names, especially Chinese domain names (CDN).
    And China CCTLD .CN is also pushed by its registry –CNNIC, before end of May, 2007,.CN become the No.3 CCTLD in the world, next to .de and .uk, which was over 5 million.
    China will hold 2008 Olympic games and is believed to PK USA on economy in year 2020, whose GDP is not 1/3 of USA.
    China economy and investment field become very hot, people are becoming very enthusiastic to buy China shares, real estates and even domain names.
    Especially when the $0.99 special price for .info ended recently, a $0.49 .CN domain names registration provider 911DNS( )becomes very hot, it is reported that many people go there and even register thousands of names, just looks like robbing the China domain name bank! However, while many people register .CN names, .CN, even China influence to international community will become more and more powerful.
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