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Be careful with Paypal

Discussion in 'Sold Domains' started by retired member 1, Dec 12, 2005.

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    Goes without saying really, but people should take care when accepting payment for domains/websites when using Paypal.

    Today I got a message from Paypal stating that the $300 I accepted was under investigation, on further investigation is seems i'm not the only one.

    It appears this user has gone around buying up many domains and websites and used a stolen credit card to fund them.

    I was lucky enough to have Enom on my side and they have pushed the domains back to me without any question, I hadn't got around to moving the site over to his sever yet so I haven't really lost anything but my time dealing with this fraudster.

    I know people complain about the Nominet transfer process, but in ways it goes along way to avoiding cases like this. (This was a .com and .net transfer).
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