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Best name for a site all about one (non trademarked) technology?

Discussion in 'Domain Research' started by inbound, Jun 20, 2015.

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    I'm looking for advice and inspiration about a name for a site that will cover, positively, a technology which is very specific. The issue is that I can't really avoid using the service name if people are going to easily see what the site is about.

    The exact match is available, but I don't think it would be a good idea to use that (even though it fits well as it would be just info, no services offered). It's a niche service of Google. Would I be correct in thinking that using an exact match is risky, even if it's all positive? I'm thinking Google could, justifiably, ask for the site to be taken down and the domain transferred to them if I use it for something related to their service (the exact match making it hard to defend).

    Strangely, Google do not own the for adsense (but they do own the - that's a big service of theirs. However, nothing exists on that domain - I guess they might have no evidence of trademark infringement or bad faith whilst the domain is inactive.

    Would I be better using something like:

    SERVICENAMEword.whatever or wordSERVICENAME.whatever

    If so, what's a decent word to add to a service name - there are lots that I hate the sound of. A good service to use as a substitute (allowing context for words to be suggested) would be MySQL - imagine that MySQL was new and I thought it was awesome and wanted to write about the good things you can do with it.

    I hope to use the site to make contacts in that niche.
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