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Best way to complete a private sale for a domain?

Discussion in 'New Domainers' started by gamble, Nov 17, 2008.

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  1. gamble

    gamble New Member

    Jan 2008
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    Hi there, so far I have been lucky and the domains I have wanted that were pre-registered I managed to "catch" using the services of several members here on the board.

    I'm here in the UK and now want a .com that is due to expire in February 09, provided the current owner doesn't renew the domain. He is based up north and not currently using the domain it seems. I have found his details through whois, and have a telephone number and other contact details for him.

    I now plan to approach him and make an offer as I want the .com asap and want to use for my own ideas.

    What is the best way to conduct the sale? what do i need him to do to help with the transfer etc??? any advice? melbourne IT/namesco are the current registrars it seems.
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