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Best way to market an affiliate scheme?

Discussion in 'Affiliate Marketing' started by RedRichard, Dec 14, 2008.

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  1. RedRichard

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    Aug 2008
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    Hi All,

    We have an effective affiliate scheme facility within the employment sector and are looking for publishers for it and would like ideas on the best way to find them?

    We are thinking of using google adwords to direct webmasters directly to details of the scheme. Anyone have any better ideas?

    A number of Affiliate marketing sites aren’t any good for us because they tend to want to push banner adverts that click via them to us with their mark up on. Problem with this is that its promotion of jobs widgets or jobs feeds we need rather than basic banners and also we need to monitor it directly with the publisher and pay them directly rather than via a third party.

    We would rather just advertise the scheme and deal directly or pay an introduction fee on sign ups or pay a commission based on the click through levels achieved from sites introduced by the promoter.

    If we employ someone in-house to act as an affiliate manager we have no guarantee that they can perform either. It’s better for us to pay on results only.

    Which ever way forward we need an effective way of introducing publishers to our affiliate scheme. Any ideas on the best way to go about this? Or has anyone experience of effective ways of target marketing to potential publishers?

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts on this

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