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Big List of Domain Names, LLLL and More.

Discussion in 'Other Domain Names' started by theultseo, Oct 26, 2014.

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    Here is the List

    3 character Dictionary Word + Number Domains + Dash: ( Yep!) ( food) ( pot) ( Urb = Urban) ( instrument) ( socks) ( means kisses and hugs) ( cig = cigar) ( Rum = Drink ) Rated 5! ( awesome for man brand) ( Yen = japanese cash) ( chinese cash) ( fiverr website)

    4 Characters Domains: ( means fly in Portuguese) ( Buy Bitcoins, Buy Bikes, etc) ( Buy Drones, Buy Domains etc)

    2 words Domains + 3 Words Domains: ( This was sponsored by volkswagen, check out youtube) /

    Searched EMD: ( Exact word for Classes in Portuguese Language, one of the most spokens in the world)

    Dictionary Words:

    Brandable Domains with High Industry:

    Brandable Domains LLLLL: ( theres a car brand named LEXUS , LEKUS is alo really nice for anyone looking to start their own brand or business )

    GEO Domains: ( one of the 10 must rich cities in the world)
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