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Blog Posts available on a few repurposed backlink domains

Discussion in 'SEO Search Engine Optimisation' started by AssetDomains, Dec 22, 2014.

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  1. AssetDomains United Kingdom

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    Feb 2010
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    Hi I'm looking to sell a few article slots on strong backlink domains I've caught over the last year or so that have been repopulated with related content.

    Jobs / Recruitment related domains

    Domain 1 was a NHS / public sector board member recruitment site

    DA32 PA43
    TF21 CF32

    Has nice and backlinks

    Offering a 4 article package(over 6 months) with links to your site

    Price: £200

    Domain 2 was a voluntary sector recruitment site in the Northwest

    DA28 PA40
    TF16 CF24
    PageRank 3

    Has nice backlinks including and some high authority charity domains

    Offering a 4 article package(over 6 months) with links to your site

    Price: £150

    RailTravel / Buisness Related

    Domain 3 was a rail passenger focus group domain. The government high speed (HS2) rail plan gives lots of scope for artclies about how buisness and local comunites will be affected by the scheme as well as scope for travel related posts

    DA30 PA42
    TF20 CF25
    PageRank 4

    Has great backlinks including many BBC, and

    Offering a 4 article package(over 6 months) with links to your site

    Price: £200

    Optinal extra featured author spot with link on the homepage £100 for 12 months

    Documentary Blog

    Domain 4 was a blog about Documentaries so could potentialy target any niche if theres a related documantary avalible on on youtube or similar

    DA42 PA54
    TF23 CF40
    PageRank 5

    Note! on Backlinks a fair bit of the power on this comes from a 301 redirect from a Channel 4 page to the blog they probably wont remove it as its been in place for a good while but they could so bare it in mind
    That said it has a few other good direct backlinks

    Slighty diferent propersion this is a video related blog so there must be a documentary semi-related to your niche avalible online(yotube etc.) that can be embeded into the blogpost
    Link is then placed in the short synopis about the documentary.
    £40 per post to take into acount the risk reward factor

    Blog post on all sites are perminant Please get in touch for more info and the domain if your really interested.
    Please no tyre kickers who just want to nose at the domains.
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  3. NickC Spain

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    Can you PM the links & prices

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