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Discussion in 'Other Domain Names' started by DNfolio, May 7, 2007.

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    All domains registered at GoDaddy and are only $35 Each

    Payment via PayPal - quick transfers - free push to GoDaddy account - domains have a full year before they expire.

    First to post SOLD and the domain gets it. Posted on multiple boards, so claim the ones you want now while they are still available - will go by timestamp. These names have tremendous development potential and can also be flipped at a nice profit.
    Great domain for a blog, or any blog related service (directory, network, tools, consulting, etc).
    Good name for a digg-style movie ranking site.
    Excellent domain for an rss feed reader or related service.
    Great name for any media-related site, product or service (news, video, social media, etc).
    Very brandable name for an e-card, greeting or specialty service.
    Excellent domain for a writing service or writers directory.
    Brandable name for a blog/social media tracking service, or any PR related tracking service.
    Good domain for an online organizer, storage or to-do list.
    EXCELLENT name for a forum posting or related service.
    Excellent name for a digital publishing company, a blog or any author/publishing related service.
    Excellent domain for a ringtone related site.
    Perfect domain for your own Web 2.0 style pagerank checker.
    Catchy domain that can be used for a product, blog or forum.
    Could you think of a better domain for a Guitar Hero forum?
    EXCELLENT domain for a video related site.
    Check Cashing and Payday Loans are big business - this is a memorable domain that's perfect for that market. Can also be used for a service that performs a check (background, credit, reference, etc).
    Great name for a blog, forum or any web/internet related service.
    This domain can be used for anything related to cell phones, VOIP, voice to text, internet phone service, etc.
    Excellent name for a voice to text transcription or posting service, or anything related to posting/writing/blogging, etc. and ($35 Each or $60 for both)
    Good domain(s) for a forum aggregator or notification service (letting you know when new threads, PM's, replies are posted). and ($35 Each or $60 for both)
    Very brandable name(s) for a laptop sleeve, case, bag or accessory.
    Great domain for a forum for top diggers.

    find more domains like these here >
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