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_co_uk BulbNursery + HedgingPlants domain & website package

Discussion in 'UK Websites For Sale' started by feKIX, Nov 2, 2012.

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    Domain & Website package for sale;

    Both sites have amassed over 200,000 visitors since inception 18 months ago. Turnover approx £7K in last 12 months.

    Popular websites with a number of page 1 rankings in Google.

    Note: I have other projects that need my attention, therefore I am offering these websites to the highest bidder. Both sites have a dummy-proof CMS (content management) system - incredibly easy to update, drag & drop stuff. Both sites have blogs with over 50+ posts, repeat custom, customer email database, supplier details, etc. The Bulb Nursery are one of only 2 UK suppliers for the Tulip Project as well.

    Gardening is one of the rare industries that has excelled during the recession.

    Make Offer or Bids in thread or by PM.
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