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Business Telephone Numbers - Affiliate Program

Discussion in 'Affiliate Marketing' started by UK-Domainer, Oct 4, 2012.

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    I work with a provider of 0800 and 0844 numbers and can offer you the chance to earn money by promoting their products.

    You'll earn £15-£10 per connected number,
    Commissions paid at the end of each month
    All the resources needed including banners, links, html emails and a landing page.

    Great Opportunities for Generating Income via

    • Business Related: Websites, Blogs and Social Media accounts
    • Ad Agencies: Offer phone numbers as a tool to track results across campaigns and media
    • Phone Equipment Sales and Installation Companies: Include new local or free business numbers with your installation packages
    • Networking and IT: Offer new phone numbers to PBX customers
    • Call Centres: Offer 0800 or 0844 to your clients
    • B2B Canvassing and Sales Companies: Provide numbers to existing and new clients
    • Networking Events: Supply numbers to your networking group

    We also offer special deals and promos for the right partners!

    0800 Package. Free 0800 Number. Free Call Management. 550 Inclusive Mins & No Contract. Forwarded to Landlines or Mobiles! £4.99pm Best available rate in the UK, Free and Instant Set-up!

    0844 Package. 100% FREE choice of 0844 numbers Forwarded to Landlines or Mobiles! No set up costs, ongoing fees or contract. Free and Instant Set-up!

    Features include

    Free Welcome Message
    Give your business a professionally recorded welcome message
    Free Call Whisper
    Learn the source of your phonecall before accepting it
    Free Voicemail
    Receive your business voicemails straight to your email inbox as a wav file
    Free Simple IVR
    Handle calls efficiently without the need for a receptionist by directing calls straight to a landline or voicemail
    Free Fax to Email
    Receive faxes as documents straight to your BlackBerry, iPhone/iPad or computer
    Free Call Forwarding
    Divert your calls to another landline for free
    Free Call Statistics
    Gain a greater understanding of your business with call statistics

    This is a great opportunity with a great company, fantastic branding and 1st class customer support!
    if you would like more details for promotion or business use? Please leave a post or send me a message.

    Thanks in advance!
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