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Caution to catchers - fraudulent account

Discussion in 'Drop catching Domain Names' started by pfonline, Aug 11, 2014.

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    Further to the post in the domains for sale thread here, we have had someone sign up for a catching account then the owner of the email address used says that they never actually signed up and that their email has been used by someone else.

    This has left us with some domains for sale or, if they don't sell, we'll cancel them via Nominet.

    Just as a warning to other catchers in case it's happened to them, the email address used was a gmail one ch[removed] and the username they created was ca[hidden]b. I have hidden part of them out of respect for the actual email address owner but it should give other catchers the opportunity to see if they have a similar account registered.

    Just to reassure our customers, this is not a "hack" just someone using an email address they don't own to sign up. We will be changing the code so that email addresses are verified before an account is created. It was pointless anyway because the domains wouldn't be transferred until payment was received in any case!

    Shame, this is the first fraudulent account we have had - everyone else we have dealt with has been great and we've never had a problem with payment or anything else.

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