Domain Manage - thousands of quality links - $90k profit in 2006 - BIN $85k

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    I'm selling, my best website. Regged in 2001, PR5 (used to be PR7), several listings in dmoz. It has thousands of backlinks, including a large part from Universities websites. The website comes with a dozen of other extensions and variations of the domains.

    Content: Thousands of pages of information in French & to a lesser extent in English, not updated for about one year.

    Traffic: About 2000 uniques a day, 6000 page views. Used to be 4 times more.

    Profit in 2006: adsense: $19.500 ; main sponsor: EUR 15.000 ; Other: at least $50.000 (hard to quantify exactly because I run also about a hundred smaller websites). Most of the profit came from pages that are not related to the website main topic. It is just that the website could rank high for any topic, including very profitable niches.
    Profit in 2007 (jan-june): Adsense $8.000, Other: about $5.000 (hard to quantify for the reason stated above). There are also indirect profit not taken into account in figures stated above, as this website has been an excellent boost for my other websites.

    Costs: The website runs on a dedicated server, but this is not useful anymore.

    Reason for selling: I had many projects and offers from investors or partners for this domain and I'm convinced they would have been successful as the website has a good image and as there are NO real competitors in its field. But I don't have enough time, as I am into domains now.

    Starting price: $10.000 (or equivalent in British pounds) - Bin: $85.000
    Auction can end as soon as a reasonable price is offered.

    Payment by escrow, fees shared by buyer & seller. All stats, proofs of receipts and any kind of information sent to serious buyer only. Ask any question you wish in this thread.

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