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Clickbank review site - Alexa 20,000 - $20K in last 3 months

Discussion in 'UK Websites For Sale' started by JanieR, Jan 19, 2011.

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    The site was originally built as a joke, my partner bet me I couldn't rank for clickbank product launches, I proved him wrong. Therefore it has not been monotised properly - I don't offer a bonus to buy from me, nor have I given something away to collect email addresses, which is where the real money is. Despite that, the site still made $20K in the last 3 months.

    It's time I got back to some real work and so this site has to go.

    I have not listed the URL as the site could either continue as is, or depending on who the purchaser is, could go in another direction. I would appreciate it if you DO NOT GUESS the url.

    The domain is 8 years old. It's a PR4. I spend approx 4 hours a week on it.

    There are two clickbank accounts, because I used one for split testing.

    The site was originally built in February/March 2010, obviously the site didn't earn anything in the first few months, the net earnings for 2010 was $43,705.45. From 1st Jan to today, 19th Jan, the site has earned $5,746.33 net.

    I spent a lot of time building it into an authority site so it has a head start in ranking whenever I add a new product/page. I do have a formula for getting that product/page to number one. This is outsourced at a cost of $200 a month. It will only be disclosed after the sale.

    I'm looking for low $xxx,xxx to sell this site. PM Me.



    edited to add the following
    This is a multi-forum post. I've been frantically trying to keep up with PMs in all forums. To answer some of the questions publicly so I don't have to answer them again...

    Payment by Escrow.

    No, my clickbank accounts are not included.

    Yes, I will ensure that every product directs to your clickbank ID before transfer.

    The site is a wordpress site. If you are experienced with wordpress it's not difficult to manage.

    Yes, I will teach you exactly what I'm doing. Yes, I will hold your hand and be available for you. It's an easy site to run and you will pick it up quickly but I will still be around for you.

    No the earnings are not consistant. It depends on what products are launching and when. I have days/weeks when I earn next to nothing and other days/weeks when I earn a lot. I've provided 6 months worth of screen shots of my clickbank earnings. You can see that it's up and down.
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