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Discussion in 'Domain Portfolio Sales' started by mistrymit, Oct 24, 2010.

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    Hi all, i hope am on the right forum posting part as theres seems to be some changes since last time and a few threads for posting things for sale. if not please can some tell me where i should post this?

    Looking to sell off some domain names, all listed on Sedo. All open to offers no set prices.

    Debt/Finance domain name(s):

    • – use to have a mini site provided by 123debtsolutions had a few leads pass through but for some reason none ever materialised so closed the site more then 1.5 + years ago but kept the domain name.

    Travel domain(s):

    • – was looking to develop this into a niche New York travel with hotels, flights and up market flights from silver jet until they went bust but never got around to it. Currently forwarded to superbreak servers to show their white label site. is marketed at $3000.00+ but I seriously think some there is being unrealistic as am sure it’s not worth that much.

    Retail/Shopping Domain(s):

    • – previously had a php Amazon template store on here only noticed commissions during nov & dec each year. Have taken the site down and put a big for sale page up on there for now, but with a Amazon banner. Hopefully will get a few sales like last year passing through. PR 2 but nowadays some people say PR doesn’t matter.
    • – I had the domain name but don’t any more so looking to sell of this one. It previously was a wordpress blog with iPod news, apps and accessories via affiliate banners.

    Mobile Phone Domain(s):

    • – currently using Darren’s M4E iframe options – have made a few sales here and there only when using Google ppc and creating a handset page with own content then with the M4E iframe option for that handset. HTC Desire has benefited me the most in terms of sales as that the one I mainly targeted. Again if you are interested in PR then this sites currently at 1.

    Offers welcome on Sedo only.

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