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Discussion in 'Domain Appraisals' started by bensd, Mar 28, 2012.

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  1. bensd United Kingdom

    bensd Well-Known Member Exclusive Member

    Jan 2007
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    Would like some opinions on my latest purchase.

    'rooms to rent' gets 22,200 exacts

    It also gets 135,000 phrase matches for things like 'rooms to rent ______' and 'rooms to rent in '______' so will be great for long tail keywords

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  2. Domain Forum

    Acorn Domains Elite Member

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  3. doodlebug United Kingdom

    doodlebug Well-Known Member

    Mar 2007
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    Decent domain but not sure how to monetise other than G ads, I don't imagine Spareroom etc would pay too much if they have an aff programme ?

    Undev'd and aiming at end user I would say £1000
  4. markb United Kingdom

    markb Active Member

    Jul 2009
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    I think its a really good domain to develop in to a website where people can advertise their rooms to rent. I would definately build a website around this domain if I where you, as it could have good potential if you create a decent site and market it well.

    Regarding value of just the domain, i have no idea, probably not worth that much unless you happen to find the right buyer. I would go via the development rout if I where you and not try to sell it on for a low amount.
  5. AuthorityDomain United States

    AuthorityDomain Active Member

    Feb 2011
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    Nice domain Ben, Yes I think I would develop into a classifieds site. offer free listing then place some ads. Try and rank for the main term plus the regional terms like rooms to rent london etc. Then you can have a mixture of either google ads or sponsored ads. I'm sure plenty of letting agents will want to advertise and you'll have prime exposure

    This has a load of other related keywords to build this into a nice traffic site.

    My only concern would be how much you would need to spend to make it work.

    Good luck with it mate

  6. Bailey United Kingdom

    Bailey Well-Known Member

    Apr 2009
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    I like it, can see that on a few thousand 'static placement boards', boxed ads, etc etc. Very memorable and a Nice pick-up
  7. domainseller200 United Kingdom

    domainseller200 Well-Known Member

    Jun 2007
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    I think this is a cracking name Ben ! It is a fab generic name which could also become a brand at the same time.

    I would create a site which was 100% free to list "rooms to rent" and also 100% free to view the adverts - the only stipulation is they must register. You can then build up a huge targetted mailing database along the way. If you are going to develop it and make a real go of it yourself, it needs something credible and not like 99% of the other Wordpress blogs with shitty $45 themes you see on all the other names - a nice name deserves a nice site, and something done well.

    I would monetise by subtle adsense only in the beginning, and then looking at other ways once the site has grown.

    The only thing I think which will be hard to get initial awareness is the concept of the site - eg the domain name itself suggests it is people LOOKING FOR ROOMS TO RENT and not people looking to ADVERTISE THEIR ROOMS FOR RENT - you are trying to attract 2 totally different audiences and bring them together in one place. This will be the biggest obstacle in my opinion, but once you cracked that the rest is plain sailing.

    Value ? domain name only, it has to be £3-5k reseller and a fair bit more for someone who can develop the name to it's full potential whilst being able to have some vision and willing to put the graft into making it a success.

    Good luck whatever you decide to do, as it is a cracking name regardless.
  8. boxfish United Kingdom

    boxfish Active Member

    Jul 2010
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    I like the name and think it would be a great one to develop but as others have said it would have to be done properly and would require a decent budget.

    I also think there is huge scope for integrating this into facebook, twitter and making an iphone app. An app would make it easier to upload a room but also you could get an exact gps reference for streetview. (I hate on rightmove when the agent just enters part of the postcode and the streetview is half a mile down another road somewhere.)
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