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Discussion in 'Website Reviews' started by eggbilly, Jun 15, 2009.

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    I was going to offer up the name, to an auction this weekend, but after writing the sales pitch for it, I realised that it's too good to sell at the moment.

    Instead, I fired up Artisteer and made a template for Wordpress and this morning placed some initial content onto the site, mainly just Amazon stuff for now.

    I've disregarded Amazon as an affiliate program for years, but I must admit that some of their affiliate tools are pretty good.

    As an exercise, it's sometimes worth writing a sales pitch for the domain name you're considering selling.

    If you do some research and look for books, courses, companies etc., that are relevant to the site's potential audience, it soon becomes apparent whether there's potential for a viable site.

    With, I honestly don't know if I'll do much with it, but initial research suggests that there is at least some potential and to me, that means that if I do consider selling it, I'll be looking for a higher price than I would originally have considered.
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