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Discussion in 'Nominet General Information' started by retired_member6, Oct 14, 2006.

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  1. retired_member6

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    Could you please scrap these confirmations, I don't want emails either, please just send all confirmations to the company I buy the domains off of. I know what I've bought and have a receipt already from them.

    It's a waste of paper, if as a company you plant a tree for every single one you're cutting down then fair enough though it still aint right but please think about your grand children and the amount of their mates you're going to kill due to your contribution to global warming.

    All these confirmations will now be cut up into little squares and recycled next to the telephone for written notes. You'll have to think about all this wastage when the government start taxing our rubbish anyway as all of us will put it back in the post, as we will with all junk email and write "reply to sender. Then you can pay the bleeding tax. And a warning for supermarkets, we'll also be ripping off excess packaging before we put our shopping in our car and leaving it in the trolley.


    PS: You also use too high a GSM for the paper, it doesn't need to be that quality, it could also be black print only, and another good thing would be to send one package a month with them in if you really have to continue with this wastage.
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  3. jonno United Kingdom

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    Oct 2005
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    totally agree... Nominet really should review certificates IMO.

    maybe they can do a bulk cert so up to 10 domains come on each certificate for example?
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