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Discussion in 'Domain Tools' started by devolution, Mar 25, 2008.

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    Here are some of my favourite tools and links for domaining that might come in handy for some of you... :D

    Sam Spade - a fabulous, fast web investigation tool, includes Raw web browsing (great for seeing ALL the info webservers send you - cookie data, strings, codes and such), ping, zone transfer, relay checking, dns, trace, and so much more... / - great domain sales price databases... HOORAY! is back up again! It is the best in terms of ease of access etc. :cool:

    Link Popularity Check - a free util for checking SE links and popularity...

    eePire - a FREE version of 'Expired Domain Names Pro'! Great for scanning Google and other sites for dropped domains!!

    I'll add a few more when I can remember them...
    Hope this info helps a few people!
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