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Does g give more weight to any TLD over cctld

Discussion in 'Domain Research' started by namealot, Jul 8, 2012.

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    Does "g" give more weight to any TLD’s over cctld if all other things are equal ? I always believed com had a slight edge but local cctld was better than lower TLD's e.g net org.
    Thought I try it out as I have a set TLD’s + cctld all registrations made at the same time none had been previously registered no seo or anything untouched.
    I put the same script, meta etc, page text simply domain name and corresponding tld followed by Tlds, cctld and vice versa ( net org, org com etc) and an email link (various @domain @gmail @yahoo etc, ) Varying Ips locations UK, USA Germany, Name servers, various fonts styles, upper + lowercase, text colours, back ground colour , meta’s e.g. title for word etc

    They listed, cached consecutively Com.. Net. Org. UK for any combination of above is it just a coincidence. Anyone else had or done similar

    One weird bit the ones with a yahoo email seamed to fair better???
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