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Discussion in 'Domain Name Registrars' started by retired_member6, Apr 27, 2006.

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    these buggers are trying to charge me $90 per domain to renew domains five days after the renewal date and that are NOW in the redemption period. I tell you what, why do you always find out about a bad registrar practices like UKReg or DD24 after they've done you?

    You're going to say it's my fault, I don't really care. In their admin panel, they have delete now, delete at expire, or renew, now I chose delete at expire because the buggers were renewing too early and that was the only option because they don't have the option of "it's your right not to renew until 36 days after - choose this", taking money I needed for other things.

    These type of registrars shoot themselves in the foot, they don't want my money, they didn't need to delete the domains straight away and could have given me the option to renew for 40 days, as I have just done with one domain at UKReg - 36 days after renewal date.

    I must admit, now I've lost these domains due to this scum registrar, I aint too bothered, as they were only typos of another domain I wish to keep, but it really is annoying that you only find out about the different ways you can be done after the fact. I hope they go out early in the world cup! idiots! I hope they go out of business! They deserve to for doing their domain renewal process like this, fancy losing all that money? idiots!

    Give me a cheap registrar for .com and .net that does its renewals like 123-reg please, the rest are scum! If 123 lowered their prices I'd move them all into their panel. Scum registrars, we should have a banned list on this board or at the very least, a list showing bad practices associated with them. Unbelievable. Saved me money I suppose...
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