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Discussion in 'Domain Tools' started by admin, Feb 11, 2009.

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    A new version of Domain Research Tool is available, I'm still checking out new features...

    Release 2.1.0 - 02/06/2009

    - Public Release #52.

    This is a major release. A fresh install will be necessary. Backup
    your old DRT files (or entire directory) before installing this update.

    Bug Fixes:

    - Fixed "Cast to String" error on file import.
    - Fixed issues related to downloading PremiumDrops lists.
    - Fixed issues related to downloading zone files.
    - Fixed pad file problems in domain generator.
    - Fixed Yahoo search problem.
    - Fixed web site title extraction.
    - Removed MSN LP (link popularity) from columns.

    New Features:

    - Added Enhanced Domain Parser. Now you can parse out domains from
    anything from HTML to junk data to standard domain lists. It's quick,
    automated and allows you to add support for more TLDs & ccTLDs.
    - Added advanced filtering options using regular expressions.
    - Added new data source for pulling keyword data including search volume,
    CPC, advertiser and more.
    - Added enhanced API access for accessing archived metrics on over 100m domains.
    - Added support for Nominet ID when checking .uk domains.
    - Added more columns for Alexa data extraction.
    - Added as new data source.
    - Added support for regular expression based parsing of parking sponsors.
    - Added e-mail columns to all reports.
    - Added .ca to filter settings list.
    - Added support for customized row colors for the visually impaired.
    - Updated help file. Added video tutorials to demonstrate all features.
    - Improved domain parsing function, allowing for virtually any data to be pasted
    in to have domains extracted from.

    - Wayback works, but is extremely slow and as a result
    the wayback results usually time out. If wayback is important to you
    increase the connection timeout and allow more time for the results
    to process.
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