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Domains and s .e .o post on blog

Discussion in 'General Board' started by DomainAngel, Dec 15, 2009.

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  3. fish United Kingdom

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    nothing to add but I like the site design, well done!
  4. crabfoot United Kingdom

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    Jan 2009
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    I read the blog post. While I agree with your points, I think you need a positive finish.

    At the moment it says "I was consulted about this site - for no money. The directors liked the look and feel, but I could see duplicate content issues and other problems. The bloke who built it didn't give a monkey's, and didn't care about generics. He'd been paid and that was all that worried him."

    My conclusion - you were unable to convince anyone that you knew enough to be worth paying for SEO. Maybe I'm jumping to the wrong conclusion - but that means you made that post to early.

    The blog entry is written for "the converted" - it is not going to sell to the "infidels", and that is, I presume, what you want.

    You have to find ways to do it -

    Perhaps you could buy a couple of generics, redirect them to the site, perform SEO on the generics, and drive traffic through for a couple of months. Track everything and keep stats.
    If YOU control the generics, they are over a barrel - if they still will not listen, you have a ready made marketing tool. You can use the stats and the generics to go to one of their competitors and make an instant sale.

    Nothing sells better than when the numbers do the talking.

    Then you can add the positive note to the blog, and it is a positive marketing tool.
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