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Done your PGCE? Follow in the footsteps of Pat Flynn

Discussion in 'Bargain Basement Domains' started by OhNoNotHim, Jul 27, 2012.

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  1. OhNoNotHim

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    If you've not heard of Pat Flynn he runs and each month documents how much he earns though internet marketing, in June he earned $48,000 (he shows his income report each month)

    He started in IM with, a website helping people pass their 'Green Construction' exam (I'd never heard of it, it can't be anywhere near as popular as the pgce course). This month he made $3,300 from that site (even though construction is a massively declining market and he's also working on lots of other stuff.)

    If you have completed your PGCE teaching qualification, or working towards it and think you could help others then what better domain than:

    Fits the extension perfectly for an authority site and the term gets 22,200 exacts per month (over 200,000 broad)

    If after Panda/Penguin/Pterodactyl you're looking at binning all your crap sites and focussing on one decent website with a proven monetisation method (I'm not saying copy off Pat's but I'm sure their are worse sites to get inspiration from) then this is a hard domain to beat, especially for only £50

    Post SOLD in thread to claim, buyer to pay nom.

    Sorry for the sales bumf, I just think it is a good domain with a lot of potential.
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