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Dropship business for sale

Discussion in 'UK Websites For Sale' started by sexyhost, Feb 9, 2011.

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    I am looking at selling one of my dropshipping sites. The site in question is and the price is negotiable. Here's a rundown of profits for the last few months :

    January 11 - £24.31
    December 10 - £126.96
    November 10 - £98.77
    October 10 - £83.08

    As you can see, profits are rising, although not too good in January as you would expect as everyone is skint lol. The numbers above are total profit after all fees. The domain is a quality domain and obviously comes with the sale. The supplier offers a 1 year guarantee on all items and is excellent and fast in resolving any problems. I use mainly one supplier but i can also give another 3 good suppliers incase of stock issues or if you want to add more items to the shop.

    Site has been live for just over a year and domain is regged until december 2011. All hosted with cpanel so transfer won't be a problem. Shop has been modified with a custom template and runs on prestashop. There is huge potential above what i have been earning just having it on autopilot. I havent done any advertising or offpage SEO at all !! All traffic is organic. There are even more items which the supplier has added to his catalogue and these can be added quite easily including android tablets which are huge just now.

    Some awasts from my cpanel show :

    Unique visitors :

    Jun 2010 2894
    Jul 2010 2597
    Aug 2010 3037
    Sep 2010 2908
    Oct 2010 2691
    Nov 2010 2110
    Dec 2010 2236
    Jan 2011 2750

    Anyway let me know if you are interested.

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