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    Disclaimer: About half of these domains are .CO.UK. Although the others employ different TLDs, the portfolio is unified by topic. So hopefully others will agree that it's appropriate to make one post rather than dividing this list across several posts in multiple sections of this forum.

    Over 50 domains, laser-focused on one of the most lucrative CPC and lead-gen niches out there:

    Drink Driving

    Offers welcome for individual domains or the whole portfolio. If nothing happens in the forums in the next few days, I'll probably send this portfolio to Flippa where there are plenty of people who'll see the value. Even should sell there for mid £xxx or as high as £x,xxx.

    This portfolio is in 3 parts:

    (1) British audience.
    ( I believe "drink driving" may also be the phrase used in Australia, but you'll want to double-check.)

    (2) American English-speaking audience.
    ("DWI" = "Driving While Intoxicated" , "DUI" = "Driving Under the Influence". "Drink driving" is not used. We say "drunk".)

    (3) American Spanish-speaking audience.
    ("Abogado" = "Lawyer" , "Conductor" = "Driver")

    This portfolio contains most of the definitive terms for Hispanic / Latino Americans, which is a massive and growing part of the population -- often with unique legal needs based on a lawyer's ability to speak español.


    .INFO and .ME:



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