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    Edinburgh is a major uk city, capital of Scotland and amongst the most wealthy British cities.

    This domain had so much potential, it can be used as any ecommerce site selling goods on the internet.


    Scotland is a major area of the uk for outsourcing IT factories and companies. There are some Scottish web hosting companies, but by far the majority are down in England, this domain could have a good enduser future.


    Golf is a major sport and st andrews golf course is internationally recognised golf course based in Scotland, scotland has many golf courses. Huge potential as an information site, or e-commerce site!


    Excellent name for a Scotland portal, with plenty of value! many visit Scotland per year, this can be used as a site to bring in plenty of revenue in ticket sales / affiliate program, hotel sales / affiliate programs etc. etc.


    Scottish borders -

    And area of scotland with tourist attractions.

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