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EGM v2.0?

Discussion in 'Nominet General Information' started by Stephen, Feb 7, 2016.

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    EGM v2.0

    As the last EGM request about Pricing presented to Nominet on 15th December totally fell on deaf ears,
    even though it had more than 5% support of the membership.
    I want to see if there is appetite from the Nominet membership for EGM v2.0.

    If there is support and a broad outline of agreement of content,
    then arrangements would need to be made to submit the new EGM request
    in the exact legal form that Nominet will be legally required to act upon it,
    otherwise Section 305 will be invoked and an EGM will be called by the membership directly at Nominet’s expense.

    The Lyon’s Report also highlights some areas at Nominet that need addressing
    and the members do have the absolute power to ensure any of those proposed changes are enacted.

    Some of the areas raised in an EGM request may include voting on (but not limited to);

    • Pricing?
    • Transparency – allowing Freedom of Information Requests and Releasing Zone files
    • Remuneration – revisit the base and methods by which the Executives are remunerated
    • .uk – increasing the Right of Registration on .uk by another 5 years
    • Nominet Trust – relationship, governance and purpose
    • Risk - ring fencing and reporting on new ventures
    • Accountability
    • Implementing some ideas raised in the Lyon’s Report, such as appointment a Finance director to the Nominet Board
    • Governance – clearer rules?

    Not looking to tie the hands of the Executive
    or in any way try and run Nominet by committee
    or put forward only areas of concern to a few
    but it is clear to me after the handling of .uk, pricing and the Lyon’s report that something drastically needs to change at Nominet.

    If anybody who wants to support this initiative has skills such as website building, PR, Media, appropriate Domain names,
    Social media SEO, and copywriting that would be able to provide
    and/or provide targeted funding to pay for postage to ALL members (not just those on Nom announce list) £3,000 ish, lawyer costs and printing etc.
    please contact me directly.

    Please feel free to raise any points on the subject even opposing the idea.

    Please feel free to email me directly at rather than post comments here.

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