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Discussion in 'Domain Name Registrars' started by SecNam, Oct 5, 2011.

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  1. SecNam

    SecNam Moderator Staff Member

    Jul 2004
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    Is anyone on here a enom reseller?

    im looking for a reseller account on enom or if anyone can recomend anywhere else pm me please

    thanks in advance
  2. Domain Forum

    Acorn Domains Elite Member

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  3. jimm United Kingdom

    jimm Active Member

    Feb 2008
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    Yes I use enom for my business (well everything except .uk).
    I can set you up as a sub account if you like.
  4. Americar

    Americar Active Member

    Sep 2007
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    Be aware that if you become an Enom reseller under a primary reseller that you are not really an Enom reseller .. you are a sub-reseller under the primay reseller .. you have no rights nor control of your domains directly from Enom ..

    You have no direct Enom support from Enom your account is controled by the primary reseller any support must go through the reseller whos account you are under .. the reseller that you sign up with sets your pricing not Enom ..

    A reseller is not necesarrily a primary reseller .. he can be a sub-reseller under someone elses account who may or may not a primary reseller

    (there is no way to tell unless you ask the reseller whos account you are under or ask Enom who may or may not tell you)

    Any reseller primary or sub-reseller can have as many sub and sub-sub resellers under their account as they can get there is no restictions on how many resellers can be under a primary or sub reseller account ..

    I am an Enom reseller but i dont accept sub reseller accounts under my account ..

    If you are going to register/transfer domain names with Enom in any quantity at wholesale pricing or in bulk you are far better off to deal direct with Enom .. the account is then yours alone with full support from Enom themselves ..

    An Enom reseller account requires a sum of money deposited with Enom to qualify for a primary direct Enom reseller status ..

    This is just a word of caution that you should carry out due diligence when signing up with some one whom you may not know very well who is an Enom reseller or sub-sub reseller ...
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