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Discussion in 'UK Websites For Sale' started by Mullet, Jun 4, 2013.

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    Nov 2009
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    An affiliate site promoting holiday cottages primarily in Devon & Cornwall.

    Has made a smidgeon over £6900 in affiliate commission since I set it up in late 2009.

    Evidence of these figures and traffic can be found at

    Crummy points:

    *Has only actually made 1 sale in the last couple of months. I feel the fact that I've added new content so infrequently this year to be related to this.

    *Domain expires in 3 weeks.

    *I mention below about original content, but should mention that the first 50 or so posts are just copy straight from a merchant's site. I don't really think these account for much site traffic, if any.

    Areas for improvement:

    I'd be interested to see if sales would improve if the site's appearance was modernised.

    I shelled out on some SEO when I set it up and was totally new to the wonderful world of websites- AFAIK it's not really make any difference to traffic and all I think they did was list the site on some dodgy link directories.

    If all this SEO malarkey is your cup of tea, then the site may be for you as it has never really been competently implemented here.

    Other important points:

    Being monetised by affiliate links, you will of course need to apply for the relevant programmes and then change the userid in the posts (I believe there's a wordpress find and replace plugin so you can do this very quickly).

    I would advise the new owner to stick with Blue Chip Holidays when it comes to adding new content- the clicks simply track. I doubt I'm the only affiliate who's stunningly suspicious of merchant's they've sent good honest traffic to and got no sales from.

    The good stuff:

    Splendid original content written to actually persuade the reader to buy a holiday.

    PR3 according to

    Majority of traffic comes from long-tail keyword searches (e.g. 'tims cottage weymouth'). I think this is better than more generic search traffic like 'cottages in devon' as I feel the visitor is further along in the purchasing funnel.

    I don't have a price in mind as I haven't got an inkling as to what it's worth.
    Any and all offers considered.

    Package includes all site content, domain name and nominet transfer fee.

    Any questions, feel free to pm or ask in the thread.

    Kind regards,
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