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Expired Domains Policy consultation submissions

Discussion in 'Drop catching Domain Names' started by invincible, Jun 15, 2011.

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  1. invincible

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    The Nominet Expired Domains Policy consultation deadline for submissions from any interested party was 14th June 2011. However Nominet have informed me that they'll accept submissions up until the end of this week. I suppose one could consider that to be either Friday 17th June 2011, or perhaps even as late as Sunday 19th June 2011. Either way, anyone who is interested in making a submission has a little more time. :)

    The policy brief can be viewed from here and submissions can be made using their webform or via email to policy @ nominet . org . uk. This consultation is open to anyone.

    Within the 3 page PDF brief, the final section reads:

    "Request for feedback and questions"

    "We would welcome comments from all our stakeholders on the policy and principles of the expired period and the treatment of expired domains as a whole. We have outlined some questions below which you may wish to consider when submitting feedback on this brief, but you should not need to confine yourself to these.

    1. What should the principles of the expired period be?
    2. What should Nominet’s and the registrar’s obligations be to the registrant in the renewal of domain names?
    3. Many registrars will have provisions in their terms and conditions which outline what the registrar will do when a domain name expires. What type of notice and level of transparency should registrants reasonably expect where specific practices are undertaken in the expired period?
    4. In the context of encouraging innovation within the industry, how should Nominet’s policies support the development of new business models whilst ensuring registrants’ expectations are met?
    5. What further background information would it be helpful for Nominet to provide to the issue group members to assist their discussions?"

    I think it is important to stress that the above five questions are not ones you have to necessarily respond to and should be considered as guidance. You can make a submission about anything you like that is related to the current Expired Domains Policy, so if you have a view or opinion on anything relating to Nominet's view towards dropcatching, the DAC or how domain names are expired by Nominet, then this consultation is how to make them known. Even if you want the status-quo to remain, you need to tell Nominet! If you don't make a submission, and subsequently find that you don't like any proposed changes that come out of this consultation in the future then don't say you didn't have an opportunity to take part. :)
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    Thanks for this post. Email sent to Nom.
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