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Extracting up to date registration figures from Nominet BI

Discussion in 'Nominet General Information' started by Edwin, Jul 28, 2014.

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  1. Edwin

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    Here's a way I discovered that looks like you can get current as well as historic registration figures out of Nominet Business Intelligence (note: you will have to be a BI subscriber for this to work, but I suspect many on this forum are)

    1. Log into

    2. Go to the "Registrations" tab

    3. Set the "Start Year" to "1998" on the LHS

    4. Make sure everything else is unchecked e.g. Suffix, Registration Period etc. - there should be no modifiers

    5. Select "Data Table" as the View Type

    6. Look at the "Registrations by Period" table and choose the "Export" link below, and export the data in a format you can manipulate easily, e.g. Excel

    7. Sum each "month" row horizontally in a new column i.e. you have the sum of all registrations that are for "1 year", "2 years", "3 years" all the way up to "No Expiry Set" sitting in a column to the right of each month's data

    That should match the total number of registrations for that month (it certainly did for some spot check months I picked at random if you compare with the "Percentage Share of .uk Registrations" table figures)

    More importantly, it also gives you a running total for the current month, something that I don't think you can find any other way. The data should be up to midnight on the previous day, since it looks like Nominet sweep the day's data across into the BI database in the early hours of each morning.

    (Hope the above makes sense - please let me know if any corrections are needed)
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