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few domains too clear...

Discussion in 'Domain Name Offers Invited' started by mistrymit, Jun 5, 2012.

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    all listed on sedo should you wish to make an offer.. if not then thank you for reading...

    • - name says it - fuel cell related. not common in the market place so probs wont shift but worth a try.
    • - amazon affiliate website, just basic gift pictures linking back to amazon - mainly picks up at xmas time thats it.
    • - cloud storage for work, home and on the move (mobile) - did think about a reseller program but idea died away.
    • years back did have 123ds on here but gave up.
    • - did have white label but got rid.
    • - was meant to be a flights & hotels portal on new york but never developed.
    • - amazon affiliate website - do get 1/2 sales a months for hoover bags but minimal commission.
    • - never developed.
    • - for lte time when its up and running main stream. hoping a big American will buy it, dream on.
    • - website based on rss feeds (have gained permission from sources) use M4E and amazon.
    • - never developed.

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