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Final rant and good bye.

Discussion in 'Drop catching Domain Names' started by retired_member27, Jan 4, 2006.

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  1. retired_member27

    retired_member27 Retired Member

    Mar 2005
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    I've been in this domain business for a few years now mainly as a hobby, I've bought and sold quite a few domains and overall I've made a profit and generally been happy doing it. However, lately in the last month or so I've noticed such animosity and venom in some posts here and on other forums what with people accusing others of cheating (which we all know is true) and people and companies screwing and scaming each other, etc, etc that I've decided to quitely sell off my domains (if I can) and to get out of this shitty business that we call domain reselling.

    I don't think people realise how bad a reputation domain resellers have, on more than one occasion when trying to sell a domain to a company, I've been told that I should be ashamed of what I doing and have even been compared to selling porn. At the end of the day the people with really good domains, i.e. will make a very good living but the majority probably won't ever earn enough to enable them to give up their day jobs, I certainly didn't.

    It just makes me laugh when I see people selling as somebody recently said "5th rate domains at £10k" or even first rate domains at £200k, unfortunately most people have no idea what a domain is worth and as such greed brings the worst out of people.

    I personally think people who are trying to get into the drop catching busines now have left it way too late, fewer and fewer names are dropping now until eventually all the domains will dry up and will be owned by people who actually want them or domain resellers, a glimpse of the future is what is happening to the .com's (really only crappy one's are dropping now).

    As Edwin quite rightly said the way to make money now is the "establishing and selling of websites", or even earning an income through PPC.

    So with this in mind plus I waste so much of my time on this forum when I should be working, I will say a final good buy to you all and wish you all the very best of luck for the future. :sad:

  2. Domain Forum

    Acorn Domains Elite Member

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  3. Lucky Luke

    Lucky Luke Active Member

    Dec 2005
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    Apd - sorry to see you go and good luck with whatever you carry on doing or choose to do.

    I agree with yours and Edwin's view that catching the few roaming (good) domain names before they find their final homes is a business with a poor outlook. Also, good type-in traffic names - typos or whatever - have pretty much been captured.

    No, the only way (for a newbie) is up. Build up on a domain name - and what's strange is that the name doesn't actually have to be that short - just catchy... and there are still plenty of those about.

    So off to the fierce world of PPC and SEO. No wonder I see so many articulated trailers parked in fields alongside the motorway [M1 & M18] with the trailer curtains promoting such fine sites as Until the planning laws catch up with such activites, this has to be way cheaper than PPC :D

    Any way up, it's tough everywhere - skill, dedication and time are required in large amounts. Sadly, I lack these in pretty equal measure. :(

    Good luck Apd, and thanks for your insight and experience - you will save me from barking for a long time up the wrong tree.

    Cheers, Luke
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  4. lesurf

    lesurf Active Member

    Aug 2004
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    Goodbye and good luck, and thanks for your contributions.

    I think if you want to make a living at this game and you are a newbie then it's going to be very difficult. Most people IMO treat this more as a hobby anyway. For me it pays for a couple of unspectacular holidays a year and for the time I put in I think that's a pretty good return.

    Although, it is very addictive .... and as apd says you can end up wasting a lot of time (and money regging useless names) if you're not careful. I seldom register names now on impulse as if you are a hobbyist this is a sure fire way to eat away at your PPC earnings.
  5. denchomsky United Kingdom

    denchomsky Well-Known Member

    Dec 2005
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    Dog Eat Dog

    I understand how one can get frustrated with any cutthroat bussiness, but what do you expect, no one in the domain trading bussiness collects names for the fun of it, or to look at their long list of names and admire their beauty!
    It's all about making money;) Chill Out!
  6. aqls

    aqls Well-Known Member

    Nov 2005
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    I'm not so sure :roll:

    It certainly seems that way sometimes:)

    apd - keep your domains, the fact that the drops are getting more difficult may indicate that good domains may become harder to get hold of and therefore up their value ?

    And/or develop them gradually.

  7. MDUK United Kingdom

    MDUK Active Member

    Oct 2005
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    You've given me something to think about - I 'found out' about drop catching trying to get a domain that i wanted. i hadn't realised there was a whole subculture out there.

    I thought you could right a little script and compete with the big boys! I ended up using snapnames, namewarden, go fly and dropcatcher (the only one that caught anything)

    i have around 45 domains now of which a third really are going to be used to promote my own website. the others have been bought on impulse (usually when i read an article in a paper that mentions a phrase i think might catch on - or a new tv programme)

    I have not sold any, not been approached and Sedo tells me very little interest. i am going to put a few on eBay and keep the ones i want.i will still look out for ones that are relevant to my business but will not be looking to pick up anything else.

    APD - i don't feel too bad for you though, you're living in New South FFS :)
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