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Finance/Insurance/Law Domains/Websites £50-£150 each

Discussion in 'Domain Portfolio Sales' started by instaunt, Dec 8, 2014.

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    As some of you may know, I'm leaving the website development industry after 15+ years to pursue a career in kids media:

    I had 2000+ domains and 300+ websites, practically all of which have now been sold. Even my favourites ... :(

    These last few dozen feel like they are really dragging out and I have voice-over and Gaelic translation work this week for the cartoons/books that I really wanted to focus on. So, here is a moment of my frustration for you to take advantage of:

    All of these finance, insurance and law domains are £50-£150 each. They each will have 10-100 backlinks, 60-300 page holding sites, PR1-PR5 (if you still value Pagerank), and 100-1000 visitors a month. - £150 - £150 - £150 (incl - £300 pair (incl - £300 pair - £75 - £150 - £50 - £150 (was part of my old website network which has now sold) and - £300 pair (incl,,,, - £600 for all six domains. - £150 - £150 - £150 - £150
    and - £600 for all four - £150 - £150 - £100 - £150 - £150 - £150

    They are £50-£150 this week. Because if I can't sell them all and I wake up next Monday morning with more domain sales emails to reply to ... then I will be miffed enough about that to charge full retail price again. ;)

    PM me or email me using lawyers (at)

    Wish me luck too! Because dealing with the publishing aristocracy is proving more aggravating that my years of dealing with Google.

    Get in touch
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