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    If you are spending your time looking for dropping domains then chances are you have lots of lists of domains gathered from lots of different sources.

    Managing and manipulating these lists can be tedious and time consuming - and usually relies on your skills with MS Excel!

    The AcornDomains Domain Filter application should save you time as you can import large lists of words or domain names and use it to filter the list to a subset so for example, remove all the domains that contain a hyphen or a number.

    The Domain Filter tool is free of charge and is free from spyware or anything else that tracks its use. We do not warrant its use but will be happy to help you get the best from it.

    The download is only 292KB and it runs as a stand-alone EXE so it is easily portable onto any Windows based PC.

    click the icon to download the file, choose Save it to disk.

    Save the Application file AcornDomainsFilter.EXE to your Desktop
    Run the application
    click on Add Names or Import Names and add the domain name list you want to work with


    click on Filter Setup, the following screen will appear:


    To remove domains with hypens or numbers, type "-1234567890" in the ignore field.

    To filter a mixed list for just domains, tick "at the end", click "Add" and type in ""

    You can use it to filter for anything, particular keywords at the start in the middle or at the end for example.

    When you have set your filter conditions, click Go and then save the results to a file or just copy them into the clipboard and paste them into your
    Domain Availability Checker.

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