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Free PR2 homepage link for bloggers

Discussion in 'SEO Search Engine Optimisation' started by mattonline, Apr 12, 2008.

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    (hope this is ok to post here) It may seem spammy but it isn't intended to be.

    If you own a blog or if you don't you might be interested in our service, we own this business forum and i'm offering people a free forum section where they can post blog snippets (doesn't have to be the whole blog, just a few paragraphs then you can have a link to where members can read the full blog.
    I will create you a forum section siilar to the one i created for myself here
    I'm the 'admin blog' and as you can see my posts are on the Homepage of my site here and if you scroll down the page to the forum category 'Blogs' there is a link to where all my blogs are.

    My forum is a PR2 and we get very good traffic, so if your interested and have a good blog PM me and ill create you your very own section.
    Or if you don't have a blog i'll create one for you Free.

    Note: Bloggers must keep up active posting, i don't want you to post like 2 posts and leave, otherwise your section will be deleted.

    You get to write your own blog title, (i choose 'Admin Blog' and you get to write your own description, mine is
    thanks for your time.
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