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Discussion in 'Domain Appraisals' started by woopwoop, Jul 2, 2007.

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    Some of you may remember a thread for this domain a while ago.

    Since then I've thrown up some content on the site but am looking for reviews, ideas and constructive criticism.

    To be honest I'm stuck with content for 'uk haunted sites', 'halloween stuff' and 'scary stories'. Just need to trawl the web more and ask for permission to reuse stuff.

    If anyone wants to contribute please submit your scary stories etc through the site.

    But generally what do you think of this site. At present I haven't submitted it to search engines, was saving it until the content is finished.

    I've also done something where visited links are 'unhighlighted' so this might be a bit weird after you've visited a few links... the design seems to change... you kinda have to click a few things to see what I mean - not sure if this works or if visited links should stay highlighted?

    Also this is the first site I've built on my new 24" iMac and so it might look a bit weird on smaller screens... gotta check that :(

    But am interested in ideas and content for the site, plus what you think the site + domain is worth (if anything) now and potentially in the future?

    How else could I monetise the site?

    Any ideas appreciated.

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