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FULL Website for Sale - - 1st Rank on for many keywords

Discussion in 'Fixed Price Domain Names For Sale' started by trionetinc, Jun 8, 2011.

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    Jun 2011
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    FULL Website for Sale - - Autoresponder & Internet Marketing Website! 1st Rank on for many keywords.

    Well Developed Autoresponder Service Provider AND Internet Marketing Website


    I am selling my Autoresponder service provider & internet email marketing service provider website. I enjoyed running this service since last 4 years, I am now busy with my offline diamond business. To be very frank, since 2 months I am not operating this website & cancelled all customers subscriptions & stopped providing this service before 2 months AS I am totally dedicated to my new business. But now I think it would be better if I sell this entire website to some one interested rather than just leaving it as it is!

    My this website is ranking 1st for below given all the keywords on (also adding 'buy' in below given all the keywords & all combination ranks us 1st)...I really don't know how it comes first for one of my leads package selling webpage! I was also amazed when I first saw it!, I think this is because quality content....

    million opt in leads
    million Co Registration opt in Leads
    million business opportunities opt in leads
    million Exclusive opt in Leads
    million Marketing opt in Leads
    millions Marketing opt in Lead Generation
    millions fresh opt in leads
    million targeted opt in leads

    I have had around 900 customers using my services during last 4 years of business. I will provide all the customers detail so that possibly you can again have them as customers.

    I have received many inquiries about this service last 2 months after I stopped servicing BUT I can't start again as I have jumped into my family diamond business & I am really very busy.

    Working requires hardly 1 hour everyday. You will have to just create account on server AND provide login detail to your customer. I will also provide few million high quality opt in leads & MLM opt in leads which you can provide to your customers, I will provide you large network source from where you can easily get millions of FRESH opt in leads from time to time.

    I was quite comfortably earning US$800-$900 every month. I was doing advertising on various sites, not exceeding $100. I will provide advertising details also, it's really very profitable advertising on those websites!

    Server cost per month is $114 only. That's the basic cost + whatever advertising you do. I will provide full licensed software installed on the server. I will help you for 2 months (actually its very easy running this site BUT still if you need help any time, I am there to help).

    There is also huge potential in expanding. I have at all not optimized this site for search engine, if you do it, I must say there is a very huge market in this field. Also never advertised on big serach egines like Google, Yahoo, etc. So huge potential to expand this website.

    Selling Price - US$900 (Payment via PayPal)

    I am asking only US$900 for this website (only one month income I was earning using this website). I can easily give this website at lower cost or almost free of cost (as selling price is nothing for me) BUT I want this website in hand of some one who is serious & really interested in runnig this website. Though it only requires less than 1 hour per day BUT I still want some one who is really interested.

    So if anyone interested, reply (
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