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    This domain is for sale as is with a simple 1 page Generic XHTML W3 compliant microsite/parkingpage uses .asp and Access database.

    I have developed this because i was sick of low revenue from certain parking companies :p

    Although It is a simple one page site all the clicks are yours!, and it can still rank well - one page of decent content is all it needs ;)

    This admin page has a un & pw login and is easy to update - you can put your own links and content in. and just paste your adsense scripts or affiliate banners straight in.

    Bad screen shot of admin page below:


    I can retain hosting or you can host it yourself.

    All you have to do is upload site to your root dirctory and ready to go. :mrgreen:

    I know im going to get roasted by all the hardcore developers here (be gentle)

    - this is a one site licence only £250
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